Antonio the Bear

Brianna S. Moss has a passion for writing and is currently in process of writing a sequel to the Antonio the Bear, Book 1: New Beginnings.  The target audience for Antonio the Bear is devoted to children who grow up in a military background and who find different ways to adapt and cope with the change of location in addition to different opportunities, as a result of having family in the military. Brianna Moss is a French teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area and tries to inspire her students and audience to learn. Inside Antonio the Bear, Book 1, there is a glossary for expanding children and young adults' vocabulary, as well as interesting facts about each of the locations that Sydney and Antonio get to visit.

Gathering inspiration from a number of sources and graduating with a bachelor's degree from UCSB and a master's degree from the University of Kentucky, Brianna Moss enjoys teaching, traveling, and writing.  She was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in April 2010 and is currently in treatment in Northern California. She is a strong supporter of animal rescue, finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis,  Breast Cancer, and hopes that one day cancer (and all forms of it), will be eradicated.

Featured Author: Brianna S. Moss

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